1. adriel gamosa

    thanks for sharing your ideas. iam just afraid what if those pigs die? i want to know how to prevent this kind of unpredictable situation

    • Roffer Monajan

      Prevention is always better than cure Adriel so you must have a vaccination program, also bio security plays a big role on the safety of your pigs. and last. Your ability or your personnel’s pig husbandry experience and knowledge.

  2. Eduardo Matriz

    Thank its really great! In some way I have now courage to start my plan as source of income when I go to Pangasinan.

  3. Rey Sevilla

    hi how much the capital of 20 pigs to build the piggery and how many sqr meters area.
    i would like to star the piggery business babuyang walang amoy . and give me a intruction how to feeds the pigs and what kind of food for the best for my pigs can’t you helping me to starting my piggery business . I leave in Bautista pangasinan do you have a azolla market in this area. And would like to attend seminar for how to start piggery business or agriculture . Thank you have a nice day Azolla members .

  4. Chamber

    Hello Mr.Monajan! I want to ask if my budget for my piggery business is enough. I’m thinking if my 100k budget is enough for my startup 10 fattening pigs or should increase the pig or my budget. I’ll start my plan in year 2020 and I just cant keep it out in my head

    • Roffer Monajan

      Are you planning to raise the pigs yourself? how bout your pig housing? price of piglets now varies from 2,000-3,000,and feed cost rough estimate of 7,400 medicine electricity and water.. I think adding another 50k will do.

  5. Mary Jane

    Hello mr.monajan! My husband and I are planning to have a small business and piggery is the number 1 choice of us,especially the fattening.can you give us best advice what we can do first and how much the capital we need to spent??thank you!

    • Roffer Monajan

      Jane actually there are a lot of things to consider
      1) How many pigs are you planning to raise?
      2) Do you already have the pig house?

      All the capital needed for you to estimate your capital requirement is in the article.

      also if you wanted to download the free lesson on HOW TO REALLY START A PIGGERY BUSINESS you can do so by clicking here

  6. Dhen Suazo

    whoa! Just as Im looking for some answer to my questions. Kudos to you sir! But, just to add up. I have a really low budget on putting up my own piggery. I got water and electricity supply. I got their “cage” that can fit probably 6 pigs.

    Im planning to buy 2 to 3 fattening pigs. how much it will cost me? Pardon me as Im really kind of new in this kind of business, but aiming to focus on this.

    • Roffer Monajan


      You have to ask for current price around your area, but now it’s around 2,800 to 3,000 pesos first 10 kilos then 100 pesos for succeeding kilos.

      so if a piglet weighs 15 kilos (3000/kl) 10kl=3,000….5kilos=500 pesos total 3,500.

  7. Vanessa

    Hi Mr. Monajan,

    I have just started with my piggery with 3 piglets as I have little knowledge on it
    and my brother is the one taking care of them in Batangas. I just realized I have spent more than 20k
    (for 3 piglets, vaccine and feeds) already since June , first week. If this succeeds I am planning to buy more, build a larger pig house and increase my capital. My question is how am I going to earn from each pigs especially if it requires a lot of expenses. Let’s say 3 pigs would cost 25k (including only pigs, feeds and vaccine), and an additional 5k for others.Would the pig sell for 10k each for ROI? I’m still confuse as how to really earn from this. Your opinion would be a very big help for me to continue what we have just started and succeed on this. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Roffer Monajan


      10K for a pig?
      it depends..
      first you reach the weight for that value. Backyard price as of the moment ( varies from place to place) right now is 125/Kl if your pigs weigh at least 85 kilos per head on your disposal then that is already 10k, calculate if you they reach 90 kilos or up.

  8. Mohammad Hassan Sheikhi

    Hi Mr. Monajan
    First of all i will thank you for your work here, it was info. which help understanding what you are going to meet in the running a piggery.
    My problem is i couldnt imagain what it would cost a modern inndoor piggery fully equipmented with automaticly feeders and water supplement.
    As you said psq cost 5, 960 for a building with cement.

    • Roffer Monajan


      I hope the article will not misled you, since all of the figures and assumptions are based on Philippine Currency also the materials and their prices are based on Philippine value of trade.

  9. Virgilio

    Hii Mr. Raffy

    This is more like a question than a comment.
    Is it only the first book that is free or all of them are? If so, how do I download the succeeding books?

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