Right after the plane took off,

These two young men a frequent traveler working for the same company have been talking to

Each other about their dreams and aspirations in life,

These two young men who works hard and puts a lot of dedication in what they do.


And after 15 years…

Of staying in the same company

They are both successful, happily married, and with healthy children

The only difference is that the other became the manager in one of the department of the company.

And the other??

He became the President.

Are you not wondering what happened, and what makes the other person better than the other?

What extra steps does one has to make, in order to get ahead in life?


What if there is a guide?

A map?

That when you learn,

Will speed up the process of STARTING that PIGGERY BUSINESS of yours,

Which can turn your start up process in a more smoother, less headache execution, and be able to have that freedom you have always wanted.

To have a business that can give you financial independence,

Would you want to have that map?


I’ve got it

It’s my book called How To Really Start  a Piggery Business ( an OFW guide before investing your hard earned money )


I’m Roffer Monajan, and in 2016 I Left the life abroad to be free and start a business that I used to get out of the life away without my family.

I have just one thing to remind you!

Planning to escape and using this business will not give you that freedom instantly,

You have to make this business grow first, have an active income that can support yourself and the business while building its roots, or you can stay employed while the money starts coming in.

The Story I have in the beginning of the two young men, and the difference they have, came down into

Education and training.

You might agree that

Now success doesn’t have to be working for a company anymore, for some,

Maybe having your own business,

Or having something that can provide you and your family while being together.

It may be freedom to do the things you love, being able to attend to your family’s needs when they need you,

To be financially stable and free.


I don’t know anything about pigs I am a newbie in this business!


But that doesn’t stop me, in starting this business.

Of course starting up will always give you something that you will learn about, and believe me I lost a lot of money on bad decisions on our start up process, from the moment I bought the property up until our operation, but that’s one thing I can provide you in the book I am offering,


To save you time and money.


I choose this business and wanted to grow it from 20 sow-level to 120 sow level in 5 years


Maybe because the capital, the money that revolves around this business is quite big, but still you have to make a goal, you have to aim so that you will know what you are targeting otherwise you are just shooting anywhere.

But there are many ways; actually we are already in the midst of acquiring our budget to the expansion of an additional of another 20 sow.

We are limitless, you are limitless!

So if you are starting from scratch and wanting to start this business

Remember that big picture?? In lesson 1?

(If you haven’t been in my free lessons in starting a piggery business grab your free 3 part series of the book  HERE)




Instill it in your mind and use that emotion to give you the motivation to move forward and

NEVER STOP at anything!

My goal for you, is for you to find out if you are really are for this business,       


 And if you are, I wanted you to start and move forward from here.

 How to really start a piggery business is written because I experienced how hard it is to gather all the things you need in making sure that you will be on the right track, that what you’re going

to do and invest your HARD EARNED MONEY,

Will be worth and soon can give that freedom you are aiming for.

This book is a collection of our own data,

The things that are important before you start the business.

And for those that are already in the process of researching and maybe just waiting a little

Longer to start their piggery business, not everything is out there,

I know it for a fact at least not for free. And even if you are willing to spend just like me when I am starting out, I spend 5 thousand in a single sitting just to realize that I am still left out with questions.

But i never regret spending money on anything that adds value on the way I see things.

That is why if you really want to know How to  REALLY Start This business without too loosing MONEY?!


Grab This book NOW!

…I have been there before…

I contacted too many professionals, but either some of them are busy or their time is too expensive.

I found one offering their services for a hefty price of 50 thousand pesos and that was just 2016 and it will costs you as well their overall costs of staying in your place.

I am just starting out back then and I am willing to spend money but that money is too much for me,


They might have reasons for that price and maybe if I have gotten their offer will it save me from my mistakes and the money that I have lost?


Who knows?!


So that’s when I begin thinking why not start and document all the things we have done and what should we have done before we start our piggery business.

From choosing the property if it will be approved? and making sure that your investment is safe.
Knowing what are the hidden costs lies on a property you are buying,



Decisions like:

  • What Type of material is best for your water line
  • what are the things you should clarify on your  Deep well digger
  • Shall you let your business handled by somebody or “dapat hands on”?
  • If you are going to hire your farm personnel how are you going to make them stay?
  • Do you need a plan, perspective of the future look of the farm or “bahala na si batman” “pwede na yan”?
  • Do you need a transformer what KVa rating shall i buy?
  • Can i mix my own feed mix? where to get a formulation
  • Where to buy piggery equipments
  • Can i just buy to anyone selling a gilt especially if they are cheaper than the registered breeders?
  • What machines or mixing equipment do I need?
  • Do i need to formally study on pig raising? if yes where will study? how much and how long
  • Can i build bio gas on my own? or shall i use septic tank for the moment?
  • How will I know that there is a market around my area?
  • How can I build trust and make a relationship to my buyers?
  • I think I can just start this business without getting any legal papers (Building Permit,Denr (EMB) because my site far away and nobody can see what  I am doing.


To the steps you should do before you get your wallet and start investing.

Trust me there are a lot of mistakes that you will encounter along the way, and yes you can somehow learn it through reading online? reading on forums, but it will eat your time,and if you calculate your time and spend it on the things that you are more efficient, then i think there is more value on that, or you can just make the mistakes i made as well.


Like you all I ever wanted was to stay with my family and provide their needs,

Life is what you make it and I believe everything is achievable and POSSIBLE.

That is why I created this book to Help and reach out to those that are going through the stage that I’ve been through.

If you go and finish this book I made, you’ll admit that this is one of the best investments you ever had in starting your PIGGERY BUSINESS.

Are you ready to bring your dream business come to life?

Here’s exactly what you’ll get a proven guide to make it happen…

Piggery BusinessA lot of time and Money SAVED by learning what went wrong to our start up process and how you can prevent them from happening to your START UP


Piggery BusinessThe Exact Costs we had made compiled for your reference and idea of the actual and estimated expenses in starting an income generating profitable PIGGERY BUSINESS


Piggery Business

What you need to focus on first, second, third and so on to eliminate confusion and taking consistent action.


Piggery BusinessKnow the things you need to do before even constructing anything to prevent problems in the future


Piggery BusinessKnow the Capital revolving around the piggery business to prepare for what you are going to go into


Piggery BusinessThe Basic recording System you must HAVE that will let you monitor the business even if you are away working OVERSEAS.


Piggery BusinessHow to keep and hire people that will help you grow the business


Piggery BusinessHow to keep away from petitions that will definitely destroy your business.


Piggery BusinessHow to Assess the land for your propose site to get the best out of your investment


Piggery BusinessShall you go into a straight contract or NOT? And some advice tips


Piggery BusinessHow to calculate your water tank for your piggery operation so that you won’t have to buy a new one again.


Piggery BusinessWhere and how to find those buyers that will help you to grow your business


Piggery BusinessYou will know what exact facilities and skills needed for each of the 3 basic operation, so that you can choose what operation you are going to pursue.


Piggery BusinessHow to mix your own feeds just like the what other Big piggeries do to survive in this business


And to help you moving forward in this business

I will be adding these BONUSES:


Piggery BusinessYou will be entitled to join a PRIVATE Fb group that would connect all of the serious Pig farmers.
No more messaging people on groups that you thought interested in your problem.

In our PRIVATE Facebook group, you will be motivated to start your PIGGERY BUSINESS, because of the ENERGY and the excitement of everybody to start this business.

You are never alone and by building this community you can share and track progress of the other                          members.



Piggery BusinessWater Calculator in excel FORMAT (VALUED AT $4 )

You don’t need to manually calculate the water requirements for your propose pig farm.Just use this Water Calculator and buy the Water tank you need for your requirement.




Piggery BusinessBasic FEED Formulation ( VALUED AT $107 )

You will never find any formulation out there, at least not for free. This basic Formulation is already included in the book in the Chapter TO MIX or NOT TO MIX , that is why this book is just a very tiny investment to the value it will give back to you.


Piggery BusinessCalculate your pig pen requirement in excel format. ( VALUED AT $12 )

Use this spreadsheet in calculating the required pen you will be needing for your operation.



This book will save you tons of your Valuable Time and Money.

I spent and invested a lot of my time in making this book and making sure that it will bring value to those that will purchase the book.

Your investment is nothing compared to what you are going to learn in the book.

So by now you are wondering how much the book would cost


..Here’s the reality

..This book would not cost you anything

 ..It is about saving your money

..It’s an investment,

An investment to yourself,

To your business.

         Basically, You’ll Get EVERYTHING You Need To Finally Start Your
PIGGERY Business and in the Safest Way Possible





Listen to what other people are saying



“Roffer’s book was truly amazing. It will help you to have an idea how to start your own piggery business. This book will give you tips, advices, and points before starting this business”.   –Allan Mantaring, Speaker, Author and Infoprenuer   Founder–


“I find this book very helpful to those who are not familiar on how to learn and build a piggery business. This book will equipped and prepare those that wanted to invest in this profitable kind of business . Kudos Roffer”.  –Renato Naul former Qatar OFW–







This is a 112 page EBOOK that I collected and gathered over the 3 years from my planning phase up to the actual start up,cost,mistakes,problems,solutions that you can read and study anytime and anywhere you want.

The Books worth is valued over $67

Add the Bonuses

What you’re getting is a Total of $ 190 worth of Value.

But the best part is that you don’t have to pay that…


You don’t even have to pay half of that…


When you buy the EBOOK How to Really Start a Piggery Business (An OFW GUIDE Before Investing Your Hard Earned Money) today, you’ll get the

Entire $ 190 value for just one easy payment of $27

This covers my time and the money I invested in creating this book.

Plus it ensures that only serious people that wanting to start a piggery business will buy.


All investments have risks except this one

IF you read my book and put into action the things I have share to you in the book

For sure from that moment it already gave back the investment you have put buying this book.



If you read the book and thought that you don’t want to work with this business anymore

Because of the things needed to be done for this business to work

Then you save yourself from wasting money by not investing in a piggery the first place.


Yes, I’m asking you to send $27 for $190 worth of products.

And I know, this might be your first time buying something online.

But, I’m sure your investment will be worthwhile after going through the EBOOK.

Trust me, even just the bonuses is really a big help in starting a PIGGERY BUSINESS.

That’s why, for the first time ever, I’ll make the WORLD’S MOST UNUSUAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE…

Here it is: I won’t touch your payment for 31 days after you’ve received the EBOOK How To Really Start A Piggery Business (An OFW Guide Before Investing Your Hard Earned Money).

You’ll have plenty of time to get it, absorb the lessons inside, and look it over.

If you don’t agree that it’s worth at least TEN TIMES what you invested, send us an email.

Your payment will be refunded. No questions asked.

And I’m already going to give you the biggest bargain of your life


I don’t know about you!

But if I had this kind of book when I was starting out

It would really make my life easier.

..One last thing I had to mention

If you’re not starting and strategizing the business you’re about to start then your loosing time.

Soon we will open and try to reach out more and make your life easier by creating a series of

Online courses or webinars from all the things that there is in this business, from

Raising your pigs, to the right strategy and assessment to make your business grow and successful.


We will only open it to those who will buy the book

We don’t want to offer it to those that are not willing to start the business we hate to waste your money.

So are you in or OUT??


If you are not ready to step in today??!


So the question,

I will ask myself:



..Tell me..

When is it going to be time for you to move forward??

If you want a different result in your life and in any business then you have to take some kind of different action

..One more thing..

I am not the only one who did start up this business there are those who already made and start this business as well.

But when I was in your position I couldn’t find of anyone willing to create and share their

Experiences collected and compiled into a book that can be read anywhere anytime.

Do you remember we started to talk about the two young men who works in the same

Company for 15 years?

One stepped up and invested in training in his future,

I face the similar decision before, talking to consultants and spending money although it was not the thing I needed it opened my eyes on the things I have to learn.

And now I am not just a pig farmer but someone that can make an impact to those like you that wanted to start a piggery business.

So you have a decision to make and I cannot do it for you

The only thing I could do, is to tell you that the book is what you need if you want to start a piggery business.

This book is the one you need before investing your hard earned money.

I am not promising that you will have a 100% worry free start up


Imagine yourself already ahead of the race with anybody who are still trying to figure out the best way to start this business.


Yes YOU, feeling ready and excited to the business you chose. Will start calling somebody maybe your friend or relatives to visit and start getting the steps that the book will provide you and setting up everything so that when you came home, everything will be ready for your first ground breaking of your Future pig farm.

Selling piglets, selling them at 95 kgs having your first sale is one of the best part of starting this business.

The feeling of accomplishment that somehow you did the right choice and you saved yourself from  mistakes, and the money that you could have thrown away  if not for this book.

So you have to act now.

I know you are seeking for freedom and business can help you achieve that,

But you have to act now.

Click the button below and Good luck on your journey for freedom



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