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About the Author

Roffer Monajan is a former OFW who went to work abroad just to realize there is no place like home. When Roffer was a teenager, he knew that to have a good life you have to spend your life working overseas. An idea that soon changed, when the need to feed the growing population came to his mind. Roffer knew this was his ticket going back home, and at the same time an opportunity to help those who wanted to use this as their ticket as well.


What's This Lesson ?

Lesson 1 The Big Picture

This is the very basic foundation of every business, defining your big picture, and looking inside the business you are going to pursue.

Lesson 2 Income Potential

Income potential covers too many things so in this lesson we will tackle one of the biggest contributing factor ( Feed requirement ) and the basic operations you could choose from.

Lesson 3 Blueprint

The fastest way to get to your destination is having a map, a blueprint, not only it will save you time and money it will save you a lot of headache in going through the process of starting this kind of business.

What People Are Saying

Renato Naul

Secretary for an Architectural Firm in QATAR

"I find this book very helpful to those who are not familiar on how to learn and build a piggery business. This book will equipped and prepare those that wanted to invest in this profitable kind of business.Kudos Roffer".

Allan Mantaring

Infoprenuer ,Speaker,Author and


Roffer's book was truly amazing. It will help you to have an idea how to start your own piggery business. This book will give you tips, advices, and points before starting this business”.

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