So you want to know something about this Blog?


But I don’t talk to strangers that’s  what my Mama told me.
But if you will be fair to tell me something about you, I will also share things about me.

Ayos ba yun?

So you are an OFW?

Oki, I call it “Overseas Filipino Warrior”, fighting to have a good life,

To have a own house.
Put your kids at school.
Maintain a healthy financial status.

By investing? Maybe you do stocks? You are good saver or not?  

You have an ultimate goal?….

To get out and leave a lonely life of an OFW and create an income that will support your family.

Maybe you fantasize about going to the office of your boss, your head nurse, your employer, and act like BONIFACIO (punitin ang sedula). You tear those contract into pieces (make sure you have a copy) and bring out your new apple phone with the name iRESign.

Im exaggerating I know! soweeee…


From an “Overseas Filipino Warrior” you become “One Filipino Warrior”. What is the difference?

The freedom to choose to stay in the flag called 3 stars and the sun, which I think you prefer more if there is only a way to have an income that will support your needs.

And maybe what brought you here is to make that dream come true.

But can Agriculture make it for you?

I believe that you are the Basketball Coach of your own life!
And you deserve to win because you already worked hard your entire life.
You may lose sometimes from strong teams, but for a coach you know that there is always a chance to be strong and come back up.
So if your dream is to start and earn from an agribusiness and make it as your ticket going home, you have to start and coaching yourself that you can make it and you have to work hard and really push yourself to your limits!

I notice how it is so hard to really speed up the process, especially when you are new into something. Well I guess that’s just the way it is “aral muna bago invest”. Familiar to this? Aya Laraya of PesoandSense. is a small seed right now. A blog site that was born from my pig farming journey. Though agriculture is always present from your morning coffee, your extra rice that gives you your energy the whole day of course with your favorite adobo or pakbet, your ice cold beer that talks to you to just chill and relax. We still lack the ability to see the the rewards agriculture can give to us.

I think it’s my turn to tell you something about me.


I am Roffer Monajan. I put up AgRichculture. Actually my wife came up with the name (Thanks Huni)  and I am not an expert on anything about agriculture. I don’t have  all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. And to those things that I am still discovering.

I used to be an OFW (Overseas Filipino Warrior) and now still an OFW (One Filipino Warrior) who choose to fight in our land. And I choose agriculture to be my sword and my shield to reach my goal, because my battle is just about to start in having a free and good quality of life.

I build my dreams on my previous career as an Aircraft Mechanic. I already looked at my life before as somebody who would stay abroad and build and create a family away from his own land. I even thought about migrating to the lands that has greener pasture.

But you know what? Even how many people says that it’s hard to make a good life in the Philippines, and this maybe would be one of your reason (my reason) you left in the first place, I still want to spend the rest of life  living here.

I think no one wouldn’t left in the first place if they can only have a good quality life working here.

I take pride to what I choose side on and to what I believe in and I don’t have any intentions of changing your views about staying and working abroad because you are the modern heroes of this country even if you don’t have any intentions of being one. (Salute)

Just One Question

Where do you wanted to stay?

I know you are working out a master plan of yours that is why you have to spend another year without your family with you, but now that you are on your way to really take your life back,  join me Agrivenger as we explore the potential power agriculture can give to our life. 

Subscribe and we will be feeding you with articles that somehow will take you closer to your dream agribusiness and work yourself in getting the life you really wanted.


Yes agribusiness is not the only business out there or investment you could put your money into.

But if we neglect agriculture, not only we are missing a big chance to earn from it, we are also sacrificing our ability to be provide a cheap food and a sustainable supply to our growing population.

As an OFW, you have all the chance to put up your dream farm and we need every Agrivenger to help not just our country but for the global food demand in the years to come.

And besides you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one pocket? (tama ba yun?)


P.S (PAHABOL SAYO) more about me.

I am a hybrid, not a vampire and warewolf kind of thing.
But Ilokano+ Bisaya.
I love making music.. But it hates me. I think I have to court her more 🙂
I am an expecting Dadeeee…

I love you has has!
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