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“Babalik nalang ako sa pagiging Ofw… Masakit..mabigat sa dibdib na iwan ko ang asawa at anak ko na 2 yrs old pa lamang pero kailangan ko itong gawin para sa kanila… akala ko noon na di na kami magkakalayo pa… Pero wala na..”

Here’s a sad story we have for our fellow OFW.

He went home for good…

All because he knew that it’s about time, he’s confident read, and excited.

He invested all of his hard-earned money into raising pigs.

But ASF and things like “mababang presyo ng live weight”

are killing his business, and his dream to stay home for good.

And now… 

He has to go back again.

Leave his family behind, including his 2-year-old daughter.

Sign another 2-year contract, and chat chat nalang muna ulit.

Piggery business is a profitable business. No question about that.

But there are things that we couldn’t control.

At the same, ways that you can do to make sure you’ll win Protect your Money and Stay Home for Good.

Let me be clear… I’m not saying that piggery business is the only business that can give you that desire.

There are plenty of ways of fulfilling that dream of retiring home for good.

  • Building apartments that can give you passive income.
  • Franchise a business that can give you fast ROI.
  • Investing and making money on the Stock Market 
  • Other farming opportunities 

You see… 

There is no specific business that everybody would agree with.

In fact, if you asked somebody about a business to start, that can give them that final ticket going home.

You would get an answer based on what they’ve seen.

For some..you’ll hear negative comments when it comes to starting a business.

“Mahirap mag simula ng negosyo”

“Baka Malugi ka lang”

“Pag ubos na puhunan mo babalik ka nanaman ulit”

I’ve heard it all…

And if you listen to them…

I think you can never really start anything.

If you let fear get in the way, eventually you’ll be like them.

It’s normal to be afraid

Especially when your life and your family’s future is on the line.

But the best way to overcome fear…

is facing fear.

And so…

I told everybody that it is my last contract and I will stay home for good…

No one believed me.

“Ganyan din sabi ko noon…sabi ko 2 years lang ako dito pero inabot na ako ng 17 years”

“Weehh Di nga?”


I was determined… And planned this escape long before I signed my contract.

escape planned


So I did what I have to do.

Control myself from buying unnecessary things…

Plan and budget only the money that needed to go out…

And, Save!

For me, there is only one reason why I signed the contract.

I’m buying my FINAL TICKET going home… 

*For Good*.

And, I choose Piggery business to help me win that goal.

So even when at work, I always read books that will help me understand how to really start a piggery business, protect my hard-earned money and safeguard the dream.


“How will I be able to eliminate potential loss or even bankruptcy?”


The fear was so strong I can even imagine hearing my colleagues singing…

goin back


“Kay tagal m nang nawala…babalik karin…babalik… karin.”– Gary V.

Funny huh?!

But it’s true.

Then, finally, the day comes when I have to say goodbye to the life of an OFW.

The last time I would be in the long immigration line with my heavy 32 kilos Luggage…

The last time na may possibility na manakaw yung nasa bagahe ko…

The last time na may susundo sa akin kasama buong barangay…

I wanted it so memorable that I even took a picture of me here:  (picture rof immigration)

It was a mix of emotions.

Nakakaiyak,nakakatakot (baka hindi mag work out), excited.

Pero, I know this is just the beginning…

Coz starting is the easiest part…

Making sure everything will go according to plan is another thing.

And from the very beginning, a lot of mistakes happened…


I lost…P 200,000 Just buying the wrong location.

wrong location


From there it didn’t stop. 

I took wrong recommendations, from a material that wasn’t fit for a piggery business…

To finding out that we are not fit to expand because of the distance needed…

…which I already shared with you if you have read lesson 1.

It’s frustrating…

I almost cried at that point…

I thought I already have it all.

But the show must go on, and we have to make the best out of the 20 Sow Level that we have.

And for four years… from an OFW to a pig farmer, I gathered enough experience to the things that made my eyes open…

…Now, I can share those if you want to win the Piggery Business PROTECT and Grow Your Money, and Finally, Retire for Good.

So that when you retire… no matter what happens to your piggery business you can still stay with your family.

So before you say Ba-Bye…

  • You have to make this business grow first. It will take a while for this business to give you a decent income.
  • Have an active income that can support your family while the business is still growing.
  • Create different businesses that you can use for times that the price is low or if an outbreak hits you (ASF)
  • You can stay employed while you’re building all the things that you need, para sigurado ang retirement mo.
  • Start planning now and design what life you want to live.

Mahirap magsisi sa bandang huli…

So remember to not…



Protect your Dream 


Protect your Dream


Kasi, while Piggery Business may seem to be your dream business it’s not the end goal diba?

The Goal is to retire for good…

Sa wakas, be with the family…

Live a comfortable, happy retirement, para may ginagawa ka parin after you call it quits with your OFW life.

Para makapag pundar ng maaga, at lumago ang pera.



Because although ASF is just one factor that can put your business into bankruptcy.

There are other diseases and factors that can hit your business real bad.

  • PRRS, Parvovirus (…many others)
  • Wrong Location, especially if you wanted to grow your piggery business
  • Petition of your Neighbors, (ang baho baho)
  • Compliance issue with ECC AND CNC Rules
  • Poor Pig husbandry, lack of knowledge of your farm caters
  • Poor Biosecurity, very important not only in times of an outbreak
  • You don’t know how to market and build relationship with your buyers
  • After 4-5 years, you figure out na hindi mo pala gusto tong business na to
  • How to Handle the one Big Factor for your Farms Success

So it is only wise to learn it from somebody who experienced all of this…


Hi, My Name is Roffer and I’m a Former OFW.


I left 2016 and stayed at home for good.

ASF came…

Covid Came…

And all of the things we had lost from the start-up of our piggery business but still…

We are able to stand strong and stay home for good.

There are no guarantees though… Because just like you, I’ll do anything for the family.

Even if it means going back.

But it wasn’t too easy.

Because as you can see there is no exact process out there to teach you how to start a piggery business.

All the things that we have learned, and the loss, we have to endure because no one is teaching it.

We learned it through experience and of course with the price we have to pay for that learning.

Actually, if I’ll account for everything we might have lost P 400,000 just to learn everything by mistakes, trial, and error.

It would be better if I had something that could give me the obstacles I have to face to make sure the business will last and you could protect your money and your dream of staying home for good.

Everything was about “HOW TO RAISE PIGS.”

  • Ang tamang pakain
  • Heat detection
  • Dame ng pakain
  • Pagpapaanak
  • Tamang edad sa pag walay


This is as important as starting this business, but there is already a fast way of doing this.

Hindi mona kelanga pa ng Vet kung minsan eh.

Maghanap ka lang ng may experience na and that’s it! (Pero syempre Iba parin pag may idea ka)

But starting and monitoring the business is one of the toughest part.

And making sure that you won’t lose your hard-earned money like I did, is what I want for you.

Grow this business that can give you 20,000- 100,000 per month.

Unbelievable? Yes!

Impossible? No!

But when ASF came many have doubted this business.

Many were terrorized with the effect…

Just like the story we had in the beginning.

“Babalik nalang ako sa pagiging Ofw… Masakit..mabigat sa dibdib na iwan ko ang asawa at anak ko na 2 yrs old pa lamang pero kailangan ko itong gawin para sa kanila… akala ko noon na di na kami magkakalayo pa… Pero wala na”

But for those who are not affected, they are now averaging…

4k-6k conservatively per head.

Because the Live weight price already reached P200- 240 / kilo.



Live weight Price Will continue to go up

live weight


While the DA has yet to release an official number of culled hogs since ASF entered the country in 2019, members of the private sector said that 36 percent or 4.57 million hogs were already affected. – Business Inquirer

Open your eyes to the potential of this business right now.

And If you’ll do it correctly at the beginning…

Learn from the things that cost us money…

 The realization that I have with this business (Dapat ganun pala yun).

You can safely protect not just your business, but your dream of retiring soon for good.

We are now in one of the most historical price climbs for Pig Prices.

There is already a shortage.

As a matter of fact, long before ASF happens… We are already sourcing out our pork shortage to other countries.


And because of the lower production, imports are expected to surge 50 percent to 225,000 MT from the 2020 level of 150,000 MT- Source Philstar dated January 2, 2021


Piggery business is still one of the most popular businesses here in the Philippines because it’s a continuous business.

It’s business na pang matagalan.

Especially to those who live in a province, or somehow invested in a land in the province, because…

You want to have that life…

…Were you

Wake up with the alarm of your chicken at 5’ o’clock AM…

Have coffee while enjoying the fresh morning air…

Roam around your pig farm and get them ready because today is your disposal day…

Benta na naman!

Just one thing though…

Kasi di araw araw pasko.

And if you’re not ready for these kinds of situation…

Price per kg LW ay 90 nalang… Mapapa P*&### ^$a ka talaga… while premium feed costs 1,595 starter, 1,515 grower, 1,380 finisher, biik 3,000… Tubig kuryente,bayad sa taga alaga for 4 months…

Then I think I have saved you already from not starting from the beginning.

But if this business is something that you have been planning to put up a long time ago…

Kasi you know that this is a good a business…

And up and down lang naman talaga sya…

with good preparation, and by getting the right information, from those who already have done it…

You can NOW save yourself from losing thousands of PESOS, Riyals, Dirhams, Dollars na pinag paguran mo para lang maka pag simula ng ganitong negosyo.

Para maabot mo na yung pangarap mong retirement plan.

Or yung Farm na pupuntahan mo para makapag pahinga, makalanghap ng sariwang hangin, at may mga hayop na inaalagaan, na kumikita rin pang dagdag sa pang araw-araw nyo.


You should Get the book…


How To Really Start A Piggery Business

An OFW Guide Before Investing…

Your Hard-Earned Money

My goal for you is to find out if you really are for this business.      

And if you are… 

I wanted you to start and move forward from here.

How to really start a piggery business is written because I experienced how hard it is to gather all the things you need in making sure that you will be on the right track.

That you’re investing your HARD EARNED MONEY…

…on something that can give that freedom, you are aiming for.

This book is a collection of our own data.

The things that are important before you start the business.

“Sana ganito pala”…

“Sana ganun pala”…

So if you’re one of those that are already in the process of researching…

Not everything is out there for you to learn…

I know it for a fact at least not for free.

And even if you are willing to spend just like me when I am starting out…

If you don’t know what you don’t know…

then yes…

You are bound to make mistakes just like me…

I spend 5 thousand in a single sitting just to realize that I am still left out with questions.

But I never regret spending money on anything that adds value to the way I see things.

But you have to figure out what you don’t know.

Kasi kung hindi… Hindi mo alam ang kailangan mong malaman.

Nakakalito ba?

That is why if you really want to know How to  REALLY Start This business without losing MONEY— because of that confusion.


You better read on…


I Have Been There Before…

Been There


I contacted too many professionals.

Either some of them are busy or their time is too expensive.

I found one offering their services for a hefty price of 50 thousand pesos and that was 2016. 

Not only that… you have to shoulder their overall costs of staying in your place, for them to do these…

1.)    Assess the technical aspects of your business plan:

  1.   Location and Market
  2.   Housing and equipment requirements
  3.   Nutrition and Feeding protocol
  4.   Biosecurity and health management protocol
  5.   Production management protocol for each growth stage of the pigs
  6.   Sanitation and environmental management

2.)    Establish and implement your business plan:

  1.   Supervise the construction of the farm (pig housing)
  2.   Manage the procurement of pig stocks and feeds

3.)    Monthly consultation/farm-visit  to ensure the proper management of your farm

4.)    Optional: Marketing


However, this list depends on what breed of pigs (commercial or native pig breeds) you want to raise and the production system you want to employ (intensive system, free-range system, or organic production system) in your farm.

(But if you can afford them…why not, I’ll be happy to refer them to you)

I am just starting out back then and I am willing to spend money but that money is too much for me.


They might have reasons for that price and maybe if I have gotten their offer will it save me from my mistakes and the money that I have lost?

Who knows?!

So that’s when I begin thinking why not start and document all the things we have done and what we should have done before we start our piggery business.

  • From choosing the property if it will be approved and making sure that your investment is safe.
  • Know what are the hidden costs lies in a property you are buying, to eliminate future expenses
  • Protecting your investment by knowing what are the materials that have the standard quality to withstand the operation of a pig farm



wrong dicisions


  • What are the things you should clarify on your  Deep well-digger
  • Shall you let your business be handled by somebody or “dapat hands on”?
  • If you are going to hire your farm personnel how are you going to make them stay?
  • Do you need a plan, perspective of the future look of the farm or “bahala na si batman” “pwede na yan”?
  • Do you need a transformer what KVa rating shall I buy?
  • Can I mix my own feed mix? where to get a formulation
  • Where to buy piggery equipment
  • Can I just buy from anyone selling a gilt especially if they are cheaper than the registered breeders?
  • What machines or mixing equipment do I need? and How much?
  • Do I need to formally study pig raising? If yes, where will I study? how much and how long
  • Can I build biogas on my own? or shall I use a septic tank for the moment?
  • How will I know that there is a market around my area?
  • How can I build trust and make a relationship with my buyers?
  • I think I can just start this business without getting any legal papers (Building Permit,Denr (EMB) because my site is far away and nobody can see what  I am doing.

To the steps, you should do before you get your wallet and start investing.


Trust me there are a lot of mistakes that you will encounter along the way.

long way


And yes you can study it through reading online.

Forums, that will eat your time… 

Or you can just make the mistakes I made as well.


Like you…

All I ever wanted was to stay with my family and provide for their needs.

Life is what you make it and I believe everything is achievable and POSSIBLE.

That is why I created this book to help and reach out to those that are going through the stage that I’ve been through.

If you go and finish this book I made, you’ll admit that this is one of the best investments you ever had in starting your PIGGERY BUSINESS.

You see…

I’m not an expert, and I will never claim that I am.

I will not even try to compare myself with those that have a very long experience in this business.

Wala akong MD. or PHD or or kung ano ano pang DDDDD….

Meron lang lang akong RET. OFW


I think there is no qualification when it comes to helping.

And if you think there is a need for it, then do it!

So, if you’re…

 Ready To Bring Your Dream Business Come To Life?

ready to your dream

Here’s exactly what you’ll get to make it happen:

1A lot of time and Money SAVED by learning what went wrong with our start-up process and how you can prevent them from happening to you, so you can increase your chance of winning
1The Exact Costs we had made compiled for your reference and idea of the actual and estimated expenses in starting an income-generating profitable PIGGERY BUSINESS, no more guesswork. We have the exact figures which you can just adjust to the current price right now.
1What you need to focus on first, second, third, and so you can lay down your perfect retirement plan using this business as one of your income streams.
1Learn the things you need to do before even constructing anything to prevent problems in the future. Neglecting this part is like losing tons of money in the future.
1Learn the Capital involved, around the piggery business, to prepare you for the path you’re going to take.
1The Basic Recording System you must have that will let you monitor the business even if you are away working OVERSEAS.
1How to keep and hire people that will help you grow the business. This is one of the success factors for you to grow and protect your business.
1How to rip off those potential petition papers from coming that will definitely destroy your business.
1How to Assess the land for your proposed site to get the best out of your investment.
1Shall you go into a straight contract or NOT? And some advice tips that you can use if you are hiring a foreman or not.
1How to calculate your water tank for your piggery operation so that you won’t have to buy every now and then, giving you huge money savings.
1Where and how to find those buyers that will help you to grow your business, and build relationships that last.
1You will know what exact facilities and skills are needed for each of the 3 basic operations so that you can choose what operation you are going to pursue, that is best suited for your level of expertise (know-how on pig operation).




to make this even more attractive for you…

bonus gift


I’ll give you these bonuses so you can speed up your business preparation, and get that
retirement goal soon.


1Water Calculator in excel FORMAT (VALUED AT $12)

You don’t need to manually calculate the water requirements for your proposed pig farm. Just use this Water Calculator and buy the Water tank you need for your requirement.


1Basic FEED Formulation (VALUED AT $107)

You will never find any formulation out there, at least not for free. This basic Formulation is already included in the book (Chapter TO MIX or NOT TO MIX.) That is why this book is just a very tiny investment to the value it will give back to you.


1Calculate your pig pen requirement in excel format. (VALUED AT $12)

Use this spreadsheet in calculating the required pen you will be needing for your operation.

Special Bonus:

 Only available to those who are willing to take action now!
After this, it’s too late.

act now

1Vaccination Program (VALUED AT $55)

The Exact Vaccines we used from Day 1 of your pigs’ life up to the last vaccine they need to receive, to ensure and protect them from diseases that will definitely hurt your pocket.

The right dosage, right time of application, and best standard practices.


This E-book Will Save You Tons Of Your Valuable Time And Money. And probably the best investment you’ll get for starting a piggery business.



I spent and invested a lot of my time in making this ebook.

Making sure that it will bring value to those who want to use this business so they can retire for good or plan their retirement farm.

Your investment is nothing compared to what you are going to learn in the book.

So by now, you are wondering how much the book would cost


…Here’s the reality

…This book would not cost you anything

 …It is about saving your money

…It’s an investment

A protection…

Remember the story we have in the beginning?

Babalik nalang ako sa pagiging Ofw… Masakit..mabigat sa dibdib na iwan ko ang asawa at anak ko na 2 yrs old pa lamang pero kailangan ko itong gawin para sa kanila… akala ko noon na di na kami magkakalayo pa… Pero wala na..

You don’t want that to happen, do you?

That is why I’m giving…

EVERYTHING You Need To Finally Start Your PIGGERY Business and in the Safest Way Possible


Listen to what other people are saying:


1“Roffer’s book was truly amazing. It will help you to have an idea how to start your own piggery business. This book will give you tips, advice, and points before starting this business”.   –Allan Mantaring, Speaker, Author, and Infopreneur  Founder www.pinoysaveandinvest.com–


1“I find this book very helpful to those who are not familiar with how to learn and build a piggery business. This book will equip and prepare those that wanted to invest in this profitable kind of business. Kudos Roffer”.  –Renato Naul former Qatar OFW–








This is a 112-page EBOOK that I collected and gathered over the 3 years from planning to…

actual startup…





That you can read and study anytime and anywhere you want.

The Books worth is valued at over $67

Add the Bonuses…

What you’re getting is a Total of $241 worth of Value.

But the best part is that you don’t have to pay that…

You don’t even have to pay half of that…

When you buy the Ebook…

And it helps you to save P200,000 on wrong decisions or even more…

cost you your business…

You received a petition and other technicalities na hindi mo maintindahan…

How much do you think would that be?

The Embarrassment of facing those people na sasabihin…

“Abroad lang ulit ang bagsak mo”

“Sabi sayo hirap talaga mag negosyo e…”


Prepare yourself again…

Emotionally and mentally…

PDOS ulit…


If you really are serious starting this business…

Save yourself from all of those things…

Grab Your Copy of…


How to Really Start a Piggery Business (An OFW GUIDE Before Investing Your Hard Earned Money) today!

For one easy payment of… $27



All investments have risks except this one

IF you read my book and put into action the things I will share with you…

For sure from that moment it already gave back the investment you have put buying this book.


If you read the book and thought that you don’t want to work with this business anymore

Because of the things needed to be done for this business to work

Then you save yourself from wasting money by not investing in a piggery in the first place.



Yes, I’m asking you to send $27 for $241worth of products.

And maybe this might be your first time buying something online.

But, I’m sure your investment will be worthwhile after going through the EBOOK.

Trust me, even just the bonuses are really big help in starting a PIGGERY BUSINESS.

That’s why, for the first time ever, I’ll make the WORLD’S MOST UNUSUAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE…

Here it is:

I won’t touch your payment for 31 days after you’ve received the EBOOK How To Really Start A Piggery Business (An OFW Guide Before Investing Your Hard Earned Money).

You’ll have plenty of time to get it, absorb the lessons inside, and look it over.

If you don’t agree that it’s worth at least TEN TIMES what you invested, send me an email.

Your payment will be refunded. No questions asked.

And I’m already going to give you the biggest bargain of your life


I don’t know about you!

But if I had this kind of book when I was starting out…

It would really make my life easier.

..One last thing I had to mention

If you’re not starting and strategizing the business you’re about to start then you’re losing time.

Soon we will open and try to reach out more and make your life easier by creating a series of…

Online courses or webinars from all the things that there is in this business, from

Raising your pigs, to the right strategy and assessment to make your business grow and succeed.


We will only open it to those who will buy the book

We don’t want to offer it to those that are not willing to start the business. 

We hate to waste your money.

So are you in or OUT??


If you are not ready to step in today??!

So the question,

I will ask myself…




…Tell me

When is it going to be time for you to move forward??

If you want a different result in your life and in any business then you have to take some kind of different action

…One more thing…

I am not the only one who did start up this business, there are those who already made and started this business as well.

But when I was in your position I couldn’t find anyone willing to create and share their experiences.

Here we collected and compiled it into something that can be read anywhere anytime.

I face a similar decision before, talking to consultants and spending money although it was not the thing I needed it opened my eyes to the things I have to learn.

And now I am not just a pig farmer…

But someone that can make an impact to those like you that wanted to start a piggery business.

So you have a decision to make and I cannot do it for you

The only thing I could do is to tell you that the book is what you need if you want to start a piggery business.

This book is the one you need before investing your hard-earned money.

I am not promising that you will have a 100% worry-free startup…


Imagine yourself already ahead with the information that you’ll get with this book. 

Safely start this business so you can safely protect your goal of retiring home for good.

Yung wala talagang balikan pag sinabi mong ba-bye.

Yung kasama kana rin sa papalakpak sa eroplano…

Dahil sa wakas…

Uwian na 🙂 

But you have to act now.

Click the button below and Good luck on your journey…



For Credit Card Users, You can order Via Paypal.

payment option

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[TOTAL VALUE: $ 241]

Today, You Get it For One Easy Payment of $ 27


Step 1:

Go to any Remittance Center or bank of your choice and deposit your payment to the account below

   BPI Savings Account: 8679261283

Account Name: Zha Lucci Grace Joy Monajan

BPI Branch: Santiago City 


Step 2:

Write your complete name and phone # on the deposit slip.

Take a picture of the deposit slip and email it to [email protected]


Step 3:

Upon verification, you’ll receive an email from us. And the Copy of your Ebook delivered straight to your email.

To your Journey towards Freedom,

Roffer Monajan
Ret. OFW

P.S The ebook will help you start the business — even if you have limited time, and still employed.