Dexter Villamin Is Not What He Tell Us He Is?!

Yes you heard me right!

Dexter Villamin or Dex Villamin the Founder of DV boer Farm is not what he tell us he is?!

He is not just the founder of the DV boer Farm!

He is a boy whose ambition was to become a Pilot once. Dexter’s father was a retired Philippine Air force Captain and although he doesn’t reached his dream to maneuver a high speed aircraft, he is now flying with his vision and now reaching 300 km per hour to all of the things he had dream of having.

DV Boer farm was created and born with his motivation to be with his family and to help upgrade the breed of goats in Philippines. But everything has evolved to a registered Corporation, to dairy producer to micro Financing up to different livestock that offers their famous pa-iwi program.

But who the hell really is Dex?

Yes you have heard about how he ended up working overseas as a Chef and becoming a sales supervisor that deals with dairy products but still you wanted to know more about him right?!

I am only one call away

This interview happened in a Sunday low signal afternoon phone call.

Agrichculture wanted to inspire and attract people to dive into agriculture and so does Dex and this succesfull former OFW is where we landed our first Success story with.

We wanted to write about how he made it from being a dishwasher to what he is now.  But when I talked to him he didn’t liked the Idea. He told me that the story from low to High is overrated.

Dex never pity at himself when he started his humble beginnings as a dishwasher, He told me that I always take pride to what I do no matter what it is, because I am honest and dedicated to my job and “Marangal na trabaho yun”! he said.

Ang Kwento

Dex was the 4th in the family of 9 and His Mother took care of them full time. He never finished his studies, Dex only reached second year high school, then it crossed my mind though I never have the chance to ask him is it really a coincidence that most of the successful people in the world didn’t finished their studies? Just like Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg and so many who made their way up without proper education?

Although Dex never continued his formal education, Dex exemplifies the true meaning of education he continue to excel and work his way up. And now that he opened his eyes to the opportunities of agriculture he is making the best out of it.

The Training Process

I asked Dex if he ever when he was a kid tried to sell or any entrepreneurial skills he remembered doing.

Yes he said.

When I was young, though he is still young right now, sorry Dex :). Recalls that “ iniipon ko lahat ng mga plastic,bote,bakal at itinitinda ko yun” being wise in money is a big thing right? Why would you throw something that have value, for some maybe basura lang yun especially those days. But look at those successful people who made millions of what we think as junk and just like those people Dex had trained himself to know the value of things around him.

Slingshot/ TIRADOR!

Batangas the place of which is Dex from is known for their craftmasnship of Balisong but there is another one


I am still laughingDexter villamin slingshot story remembering this story of Dex.

Another training process of Dex was his ability to sell! He had a High tension sling shot made that had a pocket holder of a plastic candy.

It was an ordinary Tirador but what made my design different was the fact that it was accurate and “sharp shooter ka talaga pag gamit mo yun” says dex! But my design was pirated it was copied by my other classmates but they didn’t succeed.

Because what made my slingshot better was not the design actually “it was the one holding the slingshot/tirador”.

For me he is like telling me telling me methophorically that “life’s value is not what you have but what you made use of it”.

And just like now dex is using all of his ability to farm farmers, attract more investors turned farmers in a way, to add to our food security in the years to come. Dex use his slingshot well.

Still confuse

You have to!

Because dex is not only the founder of DV boer Farm but also now the biggest contributor to our Milk production. I have heard before how the Philippines is struggling in terms of our Milk industry but what can a guy like me a former OFW turned farmer turned Blogger can do about it?

But Dex did something magnificent, do you know Spiderman?

Not his famous quote

But how the way he webbed everything up and make a rigid and well-structured team and with everyone’s help your help there’s a way to for us to fight for our food security in the years to come, well at least with Milk. 🙂

The acquired 27 hectare land in Alfonso Cavite will be one of the biggest dairy company here in the Philippines. And just like Spider man he already had spread his web connecting to partners who will make this project happen.

The Real Dexter VillaminDexter Villamin

He is a young boy who dreamt to be a pilot and now flying high and scattering his mark all over the Philippine Agriculture. A boy who knows how to make an accurate high tension Slingshot and made use of it well.

An entrepreneur, a motivator, who motivated more people to take on the challenge of the food security. A teacher that helps people to invest their money and let it worked for them.

Our past Doesn’t define our future

This is one famous gas gas quote you may have heard over and over again!
But again at its finest it shines from a boy who believes he could make a difference.

Sometimes Inspiration is all it takes to move a nation- His words

And somehow this inspirator ( if there is such a word) is moving from nation to nation to tell how Agriculture can be the game changer here in Philippines.

He also moves his farms success from province to province, through the different sub farms which already grew from 5 to 42 farms.

We are not yet seeing the Real Dex but rest assured he will eventually reveal himself and surprise us with the movement and accomplishment with our help,your help if we fight this movement towards making Agriculture Sexy and Fun AGAIN!

Join the movement and start investing in Agri!

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