First Step Every Aspiring OFW Pig Farmer Must Learn...

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To Be Successful In The Piggery Business

Protect Your Life Savings and Plan that…

“Mag for Good na ako”



What Exactly You'll get from this BOOK

  • What every pig farmer is not doing before starting out a piggery business that can save you your life savings... by having a “Big Picture” from the beginning before you start a piggery business
  • What opportunity ASF posses that is still valid to start a piggery business like what Stock Investors are doing to make sure they'll win even in the there is a market crash ( Email #2)
  • The income potential of this business so you can compute how many pigs you wanted to raise to reach that target INCOME that can help you reach that dream of retiring for GOOD one day
  • Find out your  goal so you can have an x-ray like sight of how are you going to strategize this business
  • The number 1 factor you have to do before buying any land, so you can grow and scale the business if you want without any restrictions
  • The Clever way to measure your Propose Pig site so you can comply to the requirement of Housing Regulatory Board or Your LGU Zoning Clearance before you buy a LAND 
  • The never before "SECRET FORMULA" which I'll show you so you can always have an idea of how much the live weight price you should sell depending on the PRICE OR PORK/KILO (Email #3)
  • Most common misconception of those who start a piggery business that made them lose their hard earned MONEY (Email #4)

What people are saying

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“Roffer’s book was truly amazing. It will help you to have an idea how to start your own piggery business. This book will give you tips, advice, and points before starting this business”.   –Allan Mantaring, Speaker, Author, and Infopreneur  Founder–

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“I find this book very helpful to those who are not familiar with how to learn and build a piggery business. This book will equip and prepare those that wanted to invest in this profitable kind of business. Kudos Roffer”.  –Renato Naul former Qatar OFW–