You Shouldn’t Ignore Agriculture, Hurry and Invest Your Money Now!


You’ve invested your money in different kinds of businesses but all of them failed. You are continuously in thoughts of income that could replace your current job, so that you can stay and be with your family all the time, because you’re tired of working away without them.

But it seems that luck is not on your side, you jump from one idea to the next.

Toughen yourself my friend!
Because this might be something you have been looking for a long time.
You might have a family or a friend who  are already engaged on it,
but since you thought that it is not for you,  you didn’t find it attractive enough to learn and study it.

Waiting for the right moment???

Your retirement???

Wait! I think somebody’s knocking at your door..

Knock!! knock!!!

Who’s there??


Agriculture who?

Or instead


WHY Agriculture ???

More people like to eat chicken Joy!

How many of you like Jollibee? What is your favorite budget meal? How many Jollibee franchise are there in the Philippines?

You Shouldn’t Ignore Agriculture, Hurry and Invest Your Money Now!

Philippine population is now 102.2 million as per www.investphilippines

How many of this will have to order:

  • Chicken joy(Poultry farming)
  • Extra rice(Rice farming)
  • Spaghetti (wheat Farming) Primarily imported
  • Yumburger (Cattle Farming)

and lots of gravy to be put on the rice?

Guilty? Don’t worry because I’m doing it too 🙂

Not only this but other agricultural products that are needed to provide supplies to your different favorite food chains and carinderias. Like

  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Oils
  • Barbecue sticks

We love to eat don’t we?
That is why franchises of food cart businesses are so popular, you can locate them almost anywhere.

  • Kwek-kwek(quail farming)
  • Siomai(chicken or hog raising)
  • Buko Juice ( Coconut farming)

These are just some of my favorites, I know you also enjoy more varieties and just imagine how  our growing population will have to spend eating on their favorite foods as well.

Before You invest You have to

  1. Get the right information
  2. Be familiar how the operation works
  3. Know the potential income of the Agribiz you chose

These factors are important before you can start investing and put your money in agriculture.
But don’t limit yourself because if there is a will there is a way right?!
You could always find someone who can manage the farm for you.

Or you could learn them on your own.

If your time will not allow you to attend seminars and training,  you can register and check this Department of agriculture E-extension learning program.

Agricultural Apartment!

We have a big land dedicated for agricultural purposes, but many of those are either  converted in industrial or residential like subdivisions scattered all over the country.

And since lesser and lesser lands are useful  for farming
and for other agricultural purposes, the produced output is also affected.

Buying agricultural lands is a great investment that would sure can last a lifetime
and make sure that every room like an apartment has tenants, crop that you will occupy your land.

Your Tenants


  • Rice
  • Cassava
  • Kamote


  • Piggery
  • Goat raising
  • Ducks


  • Tilapia
  • atfish (HITO)
  • Milkfish (Bangus)

Prices will rise if we could not meet the needs to feed our own country, import goods will surely increase,  just to make sure your family will have food in the table.

You can make an income out of investing in agricultural lands and make it as an agricultural apartment, from the products you will produce.

But if you don’t prefer farming

You could rent them out for out to people who lacks capital to buy their own land. Monthly rate or negotiate to an agreement to let them use your land and take a certain percentage of what they make in every harvest time.

There are numerous of farms that are available for lease. You could use the internet to promote yours, or just look for farmers around your area who are looking to increase the land they are farming without buying on their own.

Like a successful farmer who invested his money in agriculture out of planting bitter melon, from Sto. Tomas Batangas, ‘ka Sano’ Feliciano Linatoc who believes that you don’t have to own your own farm in order to become a succesfull farmer. The Manila Bulletin: Plain Agri Talk By ZAC B. SARIAN.

And because of the growing population, not only here but all over the globe, big corporations are increasing and investing their money on agricultural assets to provide for the growing population. They are acquiring huge lands to prepare for what is coming.

From energy needs, making Bio fuels, sources like:

  • Palm Trees
  • Sugarcane

To thousand of hectares of corn production.

So if you want a piece of the pie, invest your money in agricultural lands now!

Apart from making money, you could also contribute in making our food security in the future  stable.

Sounds cool!

What do you think?!

Health is wealth

health is wealth,
Photo Credit:

You are what you eat! And knowing what you put in your mouth, will make you feel healthier
isn’t it?
With the booming population and increasing health diseases, the trend towards healthier lifestyle continues to grow, the interest in organic farming in the Philippines is fast increasing!

That is why more and more farmers are now enjoying the transition they made from conventional farming to the much more natural and healthier way of farmingorganic from 8,980 in 2011  43,470 in 2015

You shouldn't ignore agriculture hurry and invest your money now
Phot Credit:Roberto Verzo

Organic Farming is profitable because of the high selling price from the small supply and high in demand relation.

Try to visit one of your favorite supermarkets, go to organics section and you will be shocked by how much price difference there is in an ordinary produced products than organic. Varieties from sausages,rice, vegetables and more.
Maybe you would ask are there people buying this? Yes!

So if you want to pursue agriculture why not consider to invest your money in organic farming!

Climate Change has its price

Everything is connected, with population growing bigger,
farmers have to feed more, lands that used to be farms,
are already your house address.

You shouldn't ignore agriculture hurry and invest your money now
Infographic from


In this data provided by farming observed how these essential foods becomes more and more vital to produce as we get closer to year 2030.

For most of us who eat rice three times a day, look at the picture above,  14 years from now

  • 89% price increase of that hot steamed Rice, I hope Mang Inasal could still offer their unlimited rice at this time.

And one of a major ingredient in making good food for your pigs

  • Maize (Mais)  corn also one of the primary raw materials for hog production shoot up to 90%.

These are the effects of climate change, and every small contribution we could do is a big factor in helping Captain Planet!
It is very alarming, and also an indication that you have to start and plan your dream farm.

Not only you would generate income if you start now, it would position yourself
in providing the food security of our country and  put food the table for your love ones.

This is not an investment tutorial, rather an insight of what is really happening. And what you can do to help and at the same time put power on your wallet.

“There is money in Agriculture” hurry and invest your money now!

And if there’s money there is risk, so you must prepare yourself and study it carefully.
You will also be one of the heroes that will provide food for every Filipinos and globally, to the products you will produce.

 Are You Ready?

  • They like to eat more chicken joy.
    Plan what agricultural products you can produce and start supplying your favorite fast food chains or your nearby Carinderias.
  • Invest in agricultural land, your agricultural apartment.
    Save these lands and start nurturing it back to its real purpose.
  • Organic farming is  profitable
    Because health is wealth.
  • Climate change has its price
    You have to innovate and adapt.

Now Open Your Door and Let Agriculture In

She went directly to the table put down her empty basket!
Pulled out her calculator and told you, this is what we earn for this season!

We fed all of those who needs good food and in
return we make money out of it.

Agriculture is full of life, and we need it to survive.
Agriculture can be a way to be with your family and provide for their needs.

And contribute to our food demand in the years to come.

I am thinking this Hashtag for quite
inspired by the Running American President Donald Trump,
and I googled it to see if there are anybody who’s already using it,
guess who I have found?

A running President in the Philippines.
One of the Bravest and intelligent Senator.

“Mirriam Defensor Santiago” used it as her speech on one of her campaign and so I would leave you with this



Happy farming Agrivengers!

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