Former OFW Left His Comfortable Life To Start And Head The Peoples Farm DV Boer

Dv Boer Farm

Dex villamin

Dex Founder of DV Boer farm


Dexter Villamin was already having the time of his life overseas as a pastry chef and a sales manager.Driving a company which business was about importation of pastry related food products, primarily agricultural products like meat and dairy. A company which made huge revenues from his undying effort and dedication to his job and yet “What I was getting was  peanuts.” Dex told to one of his interviews.

But on the contrary his exposure in the trade of his company is what led him to a vision to start an agribusiness that would then be so popular that many had participated in the people’s farm’s pa-iwi program.

And so after 14 years of staying far away from his family, Dex finally made a decision to go home and start something he saw would change his life and the life of the Filipinos who believe in the power of agriculture.


The peoples farm DV boer

Dv Boer Farm


Dex started DV Boer Farm or the Peoples Farm in 2014 and with only a matter of three years they have created a system which then can be replicated and established to different farms.

They attracted and accredited many sub farms through the form of a partnership. The doors are still open to other potential farms and farmers and with this we would soon see them rise up almost everywhere. DV Boer farm offers agricultural investment while majority of the investors were OFWs, it is being offered to everyone.

The farm raises primarily goats, cows, and chickens and the success of peoples farm is the success of the people and their investors. Due to their cost efficient way of feeding these animals from cheap feed sources, they have a bigger leverage when it comes to offering them in a lower price that are being sold to their talipapa that expands now to three areas in Batangas.

Perfected the system

Pa- iwi system is not new to many  Agripreneurs out there. But somehow Dex had made it so enticing that other farms are indulge to dive into it.

People’s farm and the other sub farms offers a so called Pa-iwi program.

It’s basically a profit sharing scheme wherein one purchases animals and leave it to DV BOER FARM to breed or to be slaughtered after a period of time. DV BOER FARM then purchase all the offspring and guarantees marketing for all the produce which then translates to better income for both ends.

Here are some of the programs they offer which also can be seen through their website

Pa-Iwi Goat Program

Profitable Goat Raising Livelihood Program #1 (Dairy)

  • Pa-iwi Duration: 35 Months or 4 Kidding Cycles (Renewable Contract)
  • Pa-iwi Package Cost: PhP 290,250.00
  • Number of Heads: 30 Heads Native Does
  • Projected Return: 122%
  • Price Per Kid: PhP 3,000.00
  • Insurance: PhP 27,000 / 35 months

Profitable Goat Raising Livelihood Program #2 (Meat)

  • Pa-iwi Duration: 35 Months or 4 Kidding Cycles (Renewable Contract)
  • Pa-iwi Package Cost: PhP 290,250.00
  • Number of Heads: 30 Heads Mixed Breed Does
  • Projected Return: 122%
  • Price Per Kid: PhP 3,000.00
  • Insurance: PhP 27,000 / 35 months

Cattle Affinuer Program

  • Pa-iwi Duration: 1 Year Renewable Contract
  • Pa-iwi Package Cost: PhP 1,000,000.00
  • Number of Heads: 40 heads mixed breed male cattle (6-7 months)
  • Projected Return: PhP 300,000.00
  • Insurance: 1 Year


Dex takes pride and always be proud to what he have done not for the success of the business but with the success of what he had envisioned to give back to the community. Because not only Dex’s farm produces wholesome food for his community he also gives more people to have a regular income since most of his employees are his neighbors. And the effect goes on to the other farms as well.

Coming soon But not too soon

Dv Boer Farm Family
Dex with the growing family of the people’s sub farms in their monthly meeting held at Shangrilla Hotel.

“Dv boer 10 years from now will be the central livestock of the Philippines and one of the major players in South East Asia or possible the world” said Dex.

Too ambitious?

Maybe not!

On his mission with the vision in his mind and with the past three years Dex had already made a HUGE progress. Interested investors who wanted to start sub farms is rising fast. We will see more of this sub farms rise one after the other.

And now a Multi Million dairy project which will be established in the 27 hectare land they acquired in Cavite that will allow more fresh milk for the entire country. The deal had already been made together with an Australian Company DairyDairy Livestock Exports Pty Ltd.

Dex On being an OFW

“I have created and nurtured my dreams when I was an OFW and if I can leave and be with my family so does everyone who dream of staying in their land and enjoy a family dinner every night. Our mind was conditioned to study and then leave the country because we wanted the shortest way out para maabot yung mga gusto natin.”

Creating a brighter future is what led for some of us to leave in the first place and just like Dex who is family oriented person explains that “no amount of money could ever replace the time and freedom I could do now because of farming.”

“Doing something that you love and at the same time contributes to a mission that I have put on my shoulders, and that is being able to give back to the community. Offer a livelihood, investment and a chance to prosper on your own land with this opportunity I will be forever Thankful.”

Dex believes in the power of agriculture and how it can change our life and other peoples life if we just study and learn it carefully.

He added that “Agriculture is one of the solutions to poverty and with correct mindset and proper business planning it can be one of the game changer here in the Philippines.”


Summing it up

Dex bought a one way ticket back home, from being an OFW he put all his efforts in contributing and making a movement towards Agriculture. Now he offers a chance for you, for us to also be a part of the movement by investing in their pa-iwi program or even make your own sub farms and create opportunities in your own town.

Step by step he and his DV BOER FARM is making a  loud noise in the agri world. You can visit their Site or just drop then a message through their FB page if you are interested in the agricultural investments they are offering.

Dex serves as an inspiration for the OFW community and to ordinary Filipino who wanted to make a living in our own land. Agriculture is just waiting, it is our time to make out of something we had for a very long time.

















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