Former OFW Left His Comfortable Life To Start And Head The Peoples Farm DV Boer

Dv Boer Farm

Dex Founder of DV Boer farm Dexter Villamin was already having the time of his life overseas as a pastry chef and a sales manager.Driving a company which business was about importation of pastry related food products, primarily agricultural products like meat and dairy. A company which made huge revenues from his undying effort and dedication […]

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You Shouldn’t Ignore Agriculture, Hurry and Invest Your Money Now!

You’ve invested your money in different kinds of businesses but all of them failed. You are continuously in thoughts of income that could replace your current job, so that you can stay and be with your family all the time, because you’re tired of working away without them.But it seems that luck is not on your […]

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Certified agricultural opportunities screaming in your Refrigerator

You knew people who make enough money out of agriculture fulfilled their financial obligations with their families. Those people who did not even finished college, but they did well in securing their families’ needs from these so called certified agricultural opportunities from the crop they farm or with animals they raise.Do you want an additional income?!Or […]

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